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Betty Larson packs her entry forms for the "MOVIE CLUES" TV contest.

Scotty is "just like his father". Portrayed by actor MICHAEL RAYBURN.

Scotty steals money from his mother's purse. Her last $10...

How do we save Benny's life?...Any ideas?

Scotty and Dave have an evil plan.

Dave has dollars signs in his eyes when grandma has a heart attack.

Betty (ELAINE HOFFMAN) is worried that help will not arrive in time.

Grandma (played by GLORIA BARTO), has had a heart attack.

Benny (GUY D. WELLS), misses grandma...his "best friend".

Grandma, played by GLORIA BARTO, reads to her grandson.

"Germs are good for want some Benny?"

"Benny, get me a beer!"

"Hello!...DID I WIN!....HELLO!" Dave tries several contests a day.

"Scotty, can you help me please?"

Vinnie has Benny. How do we get him back?

Scotty, (MICHAEL RAYBURN), has looked everywhere for Vinnie.

Scotty negotiates with Vinnie.

"Grandma is in there..."

Officer Bateman, played by CHASE JAZZBORNE

"Let's get Vinnie on the phone."

The "Repo Man", played by JERRY HURST.

LANE RISER and JERRY HURST have come for the bar stools.

Grandma is "in there" a Genie.

PAM MANKOWSKI as "the mystery lady"...Mrs. Valpini.

BENNY brings AUNT BETTY a glass of water without spilling a drop.

Benny has been brought home...alive!

CHASE JAZZBORNE prepares for his scene.

"Eat your food or get up from the table!?

Betty cooks her best meal...TV dinners.

A "welcome home" party for Benny.

Husband-and-wife filmmakers MIGDALIA and RAY ETHERIDGE accept the "Florida Filmmaker's Choice" award at the 2008 Treasure Coast International Film Festival for "DYING FOR DOLLARS".